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October 2016
October 2016

Meteorologist Kait Parker says Hurricane Seymour is weakening but will bring rain and snow to California.
In Arizona, jack-o'-lanterns may not be the only things melting this Halloween.The state is in the midst of a heat wave that has made this October one of the hottest in years, with lengthy runs of 90-plus degree days in Phoenix and Tucson that could break a record Thursday."Fingers crossed Halloween is in the 80s," said Andrew Deemer, a meteorologist with the National...
Topic driven playlist brightcove.createExperiences(); As many as three storms will roll in from the Pacific Ocean and bring rounds of soaking...
<p>We take a look at some of the most striking weather pictures from the month of October.</p>
Dry and mild weather will dominate a large part of the United States as trick-or-treaters head out the door on Monday evening, Oct. 31.&nbsp;
Southern Spain will become desert and deciduous forests will vanish from much of the Mediterranean basin unless global warming is reined in sharply, according to a study released Thursday.Researchers used historical data and computer models to...
Oct 27, 2016; 11:23 AM Check out the top weather phobias millions of Americans experience.
<p>For the past million years or so, the Earth has gone through an ice age every 100,000 years. Nobody knows precisely why. Before that, colder summers occurred about every 40,000 years until the Earth entered a phase called the middle Pleistocene transition where the intervals became over twice as long.</p>
Oct 26, 2016; 11:21 PM ET Some areas in the Great Lakes region saw early fall snow, turning pumpkins from orange to white.
An airline passenger flying over Paris recorded the moment lightning suddenly struck his plane mid-flight. Passenger Mitchell Stewart was recording his plane cutting through the clouds and suddenly lightning struck the wing. The bolt of electricity could be seen shooting out like a laser into the sky. The video is being featured on the season premiere of Science Channel's "Outrageous Acts of Science," that includes mind-blowing viral videos. Experts offer an explanation behind the stunts and anomalies.
<p>The ongoing drought in the northeastern U.S. has left most of the region reeling as farmers have been forced to work with arid land</p>
A blast of solar wind from the sun could disrupt many of Earth’s power and communication systems. Josh King has the story (@abridgetoland).
<p>Floods may not inspire as much fascination and terror as hurricanes and tornadoes, but they can be just as devastating and cause destruction on a more massive scale. </p>
Many of the hypotheses for why leaves turn red before they fall off trees in the autumn sound contradictory.
State asks Vermonters to conserve water, report low well levels
Basking Ridge, N.J. is a quintessential small town. It’s the type of place where red, white and blue bunting gets draped on storefronts on the main drag during the Fourth of July and carolers wander the streets with hot cocoa in December.
<p>The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians are hoping to beat the rain forecast for Wednesday and get in Game 2 of the World Series.</p>
<p>A large glacier in West Antarctica lost up to half a kilometre in thickness in seven years, thinning more quickly than scientists thought possible, according to a study released Tuesday.</p>
Meteorologist Domenica Davis looks at the average first snowfall in every region.
<p>Scientists raised the alert level for a remote Aleutian volcano on Monday after an explosion was detected on the mountain and heard by residents of a tiny village some 45 miles (72 km) away, a monitoring website said.</p>
<p>Flooding downpours and thunderstorms will target a part of the central United States from Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday.</p>
While Miami Beach pours money into adaptation, residents in other parts of the county are waiting for the help they need.
A pair of meteorologists believe honeycomb cloud configurations could be the cause of the dangerous Bermuda Triangle. But NBC's meteorologist scoffs.
<p>Dry weather set to dominate the southern United States into November will only worsen the already extreme drought conditions.</p>
The first snow of the season fell across parts of the northeastern United States this weekend, bringing a true taste of winter from West Virginia to Maine.
Greenhouse gases rose to a symbolic milestone in 2015, taking climate change into a new phase which could last generations even if governments act to curb man-made global warming, the U.N. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Monday.
Conditions in the U.S. could be geographically split by La Niña.
<p>A strengthening cyclone will unleash heavy rain and strong winds on areas from western Myanmar to northeast India and Bangladesh this week.</p>
Fall is upon us and, if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with deciduous trees, it’s a beautiful time of year. Now, thanks to the ubiquity of drone photography, we can see the autumn colors from a whole new perspective. Credit: Youtube/Matt Ervin
After record breaking heat over much of the Southeast this past week, this weekend will feel much more like fall.
Southern California was slammed with the second day of a heat wave Thursday that raised the risk of wildfires and left many schoolchildren to sweat it out in aging classrooms.Gusty Santa Ana winds swept warm air across the region, according to the National Weather Service. Residents were...
Scientists have found 500 seabed vents bubbling methane into the Pacific Ocean off the United States, roughly doubling the number of known U.S. seeps of the powerful greenhouse gas, a study showed on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its global temperature data for September.&nbsp;
While the autumn season may be best known for brilliant views of changing foliage and a heavy dose of pumpkin, there are many weather threats that should...
With measurable snowfall already dusting parts of the Rocky Mountains and Northwest, the 2016 wildfire season has wrapped up in much of the West, despite some flames still flaring in Southern California and Colorado.
The streak is over for now, but climate scientists caution that record high temperatures have become the new normal.
Meteorologist Kait Parker explains why Florida is underwater and there's no rain causing it.
Oct 18, 2016; 1:00 PM ET Ian Glendinning captured this rare sighting of a moonbow and lightning near his house in Northumberland on September 16.
Here's the list of the 2016 winter storm names.
An autumn snowstorm dusted higher elevations in California's Sierra Nevada with several inches of fresh powder.
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari takes a look at a big temperature swing coming up for much of the country.
&nbsp;On Saturday, the world took one of those steps — and it was a really important one. In fact, this was one of the single biggest steps ever taken to address global warming.
Images from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.
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