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September 2016
September 2016

<p>Flooding downpours will target the central United States into Monday with the highest risk for flooding focusing on western Texas.</p>
In 2008, quite a few folks around here balked when authorities told them they needed to flee their homes because floodwaters were coming. That’s less likely now, residents and officials said Saturday.
<p>Fall air has finally arrived in the northeastern United States and may yield the first frost of the season in parts of the region this weekend.</p>
Baby lobsters might not be able to survive in the ocean's waters if the ocean continues to warm at the expected rate.
Rainy forecast are reported in parts of Iowa, Wisconsin and portions of southeastern Minnesota. HLN meteorologist Allison Chinchar has more.
Tropical Storm Karl passed southeast of Bermuda early Saturday and lashed the island with powerful winds and squalls before turning toward the north Atlantic.
School's been in session for weeks. Football season is well underway. Everything is autumnal in California except the weather.
<p>Pilot&nbsp;Christiaan van Heijst and his friend Daan Krans have taken a collection of stunning photographs from the&nbsp;cockpit of aircraft they have flown in and the results are incredible.</p>
<p>More Iowa cities mobilizing for flooding along Cedar River DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Authorities in several Iowa cities were mobilizing resources Friday to handle flooding from a rain-swollen river that has forced evacuations in several communities upstream, while a Wisconsin town was recovering from storms now blamed for two deaths.</p><p></p>
<p>Just days into autumn, a summer-like heat wave descended on California on Friday, accompanied by strong winds and low humidity levels that brought increased fire danger to the parched state.</p>
A typhoon wallops Asia and an impressive full moon rises in this week's weather photos.&nbsp;
<p>On the southern shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake, more than 100 boats are sitting high and dry in a parking lot, unable to sail the shallow, drought-stricken sea.</p>
If the Earth's crust had a theme song, it would probably be Chumbawamba's '90's classic "Tubthumping". Allow me to explain. In a paper published today in Science Advances, researchers led by Shfaqat A. Khan from the Technical University of Denmark found that we might have been underestimating Greenland's ability to bounce back after thousands of years of glacial oppression, which is very bad news for estimates of sea level rise. So first some background: the Earth's interior has a mostly solid core at the center, a mantle that is made up of flexible heated rock and a very very thin layer (five to 30 miles thick) of solid rock at the edges of the planet. That crusty outer layer is called the Earth's crust. During cold periods in the Earth's history, ice starts building up on land. In large amounts, this ice becomes glaciers and ice sheets, building up into vast masses thousands of feet thick. Greenland and Antarctica have the last two significant ice sheets on Earth. With that much of a load on top of it, the crust sinks into the mantle. But when the ice melts away or gets thinner during warmer periods, the crust starts to bounce back, a process called postglacial rebound. In other words, it gets pressed down, but it gets up again, and we're never going to keep it down. New GPS measurements reported in the paper found that in some areas (where the mantle might be a little springier), Greenland's underlying land mass was rising by nearly half an inch (12 mm) every year as ice is removed. That's a big deal because many measurements of the thickness of the Greenland Ice Sheet are based on researchers measuring the elevation of the surface of the ice. The reasoning is if the ice is taller than it was last time measurements were taken, then the ice sheet is growing. If it's shorter, than the ice sheet is shrinking. And by taking many different measurements across Greenland, researchers can build up a picture of how much ice is being lost over time. These calculations do take postglacial rebound into account, but the new research suggests that Greenland is bouncing back faster then previous studies had accounted for. That means that Greenland may have lost much more ice than we'd thought. The study suggests that instead of Greenland's melting ice contributing 10.5 feet (3.2 m) to sea level rise over the past 20,000 years, the Greenland Ice Sheet has contributed around 15.1 feet (4.6 m) to sea level rise. (To put those 20,000 years in perspective see this xkcd comic for a visual of how climate has changed since then.) Greenland is still a very icy place, and contains a lot of ice that could raise sea levels much further if they continue to melt at an accelerated rate. Researchers hope that with these new, more accurate measurements they can get a more accurate picture of how Greenland is contributing to sea level rise, helping people living in coastal cities prepare for a wetter future. Anders A Bjørk Glacier in Greenland A glacier makes its way down a mountain in Greenland. Anders A Bjørk Into the Abyss A helicopter and researchers help provide a much needed size perspective on the massive sheet of ice. Shfaqat Abbas Khan Sarqardliup glacier The Sarqardliup glacier in west Greenland where it flows into the sea. Anders A Bjørk Supraglacial lake A supraglacial lake is a lake that sits on top of a glacier. Though massive, cracks that form under the surface can drain them in a matter of hours. Anders A Bjørk Meltwater Meltwater flowing into the oceans from the Greenland Ice Sheet can contribute to sea level rise.
<p>People across Utah were reeling Friday after storms ripped through the state, including two tornados that damaged more than a dozen buildings hundreds of miles apart.</p>
Tropical Storm Karl is forecast to pass just east of Bermuda early Saturday. Karl's maximum sustained winds Friday morning have increased to near 60 mph (97 kph).&nbsp;
Topic driven playlist brightcove.createExperiences(); With fall officially underway on Thursday across the United States, cooler weekend...
<p>Schools remained closed in eastern North Carolina, a city's downtown was blocked off and waterways mixed with sewage on Friday after remnants of Tropical Storm Julia brought widespread flooding.</p>
Sep 23, 2016; 1:08 PM ET A second new moon will rise on Sept. 30. When that happens, we call it a "Black Moon." With no moon out at night, skies will darken making it perfect for stargazing under clear skies.
A government report released Wednesday said climate change is likely to pose a significant national security challenge for the U.S. over the next two decades by heightening social and political tensions, threatening the stability of some countries and increasing risks to human health.In conjunction with the report, President Barack Obama signed a presidential memorandum that orders federal agencies to account for climate change's impacts when developing national security policy.The White House said there is an increasing need for collaboration among scientists and the intelligence and national...
Temperatures are going to be much cooler by this weekend for the Northeast, just in time for Fall.
After a warm start to September, much of the Northeast is set to set to see a brief but potent shot of cold air to mark the beginning of Fall.&nbsp;
Meteorologist Kait Parker talks about a cold front moving into the Rockies, bringing with it some snowy conditions.
Flooding in coastal Virginia and North Carolina has blocked roads and closed schools for more than 100,000 students.
Meteorologist Kait Parker details the expected path of Tropical Storm Lisa.
Thirty-one countries formally joined the Paris climate change pact Wednesday, bringing the total number of countries ratifying the treaty to 60 and raising hopes that it will enter into effect by the end of the year.The number is higher than the...
Sep 21, 2016; 8:00 AM ET The Canyon Fire at Vandenberg Air Force Base has grown to more than 10,542 acres as of September 20, with containment at 18 percent. 633 fire fighters are on the base fighting the fire along with water-dropping helicopters.
Topic driven playlist brightcove.createExperiences(); A pair of storms will renew the threat for flash flooding and isolated severe weather...
The autumnal equinox occurs this year at 9:21 a.m. Central time September 22. That marks the time the sun is at the equator at local noon. The crossover of the seasons is made at the same moment all over the globe.
Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean authorities have dismissed research that smoky haze from catastrophic forest fires in Indonesia last year caused 100,000 deaths.
Oddly placed fossils in the Transantarctic mountains could carry a sea level warning all the way to the present.
<p>Thirty more countries are expected to formally join the Paris Agreement on climate change this week, greatly improving the pact's chances of coming into force just a year after it was negotiated in the French capital, the United Nations said Tuesday.</p>
This summer's weather was relentless and hellish, crowded with the type of record-smashing extremes that scientists have long warned about.
NASA created this animation showing all the rivers that flow into the Mighty Mississip’.
Cyclone brings flooding to central and southern parts of the country.
Another month, another global heat record smashed.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Tuesday said August's temperature of 61.74 degrees (16.52 Celsius) was .09 degrees (.05 Celsius) warmer than the old August record set last year, and was...
A wildfire burning for nearly two months on California's scenic Big Sur coast has surpassed $200 million in firefighting costs, becoming the costliest to fight in U.S. history, according to date released Monday.
Joe Vahling Lightning Over Bridge The records for longest lightning strikes (both in terms of time and distance) were recently determined. Neither record is pictured in this image.
Mother nature is a fickle mistress, and these record-setting weather phenomena show just how nasty she can get.
The northeast is in drought and that will have a direct impact on this Autumn's leaf peeping.
Tricky travel conditions can be expected for parts of the Midwest and Upper Great Lakes as severe storms make their way across the region. Here's a closer look at the forecast.
Sep 19, 2016; 8:00 AM ET The ice in the Arctic Ocean shrunk to its annual lowest level on September 10, tying with 2007 for the second lowest minimum on record. This animation shows ice decreasing from March to September of 2016.
Both worked for the U.S. government and one still does.
Climate change has created a new niche in photography. The Royal Photographic Society and Royal Meteorological Society in the UK announced the very first Weather…
<p>Meteorologists observe more than just rainfall and temperatures. Weather records dating all the way back to the 19th century show measurements that don’t even seem possible, like the world’s largest snowflake. Others, like the world’s biggest hail, are mind-blowing just for their sheer size. Here are 15 weather records you might not know about:</p>
The Cassini spacecraft has studied Saturn for 12 years, and the probe has just one more year to go before its final dive into the planet...
The United Nations said on Friday that a new temperature record had been broken with August becoming the hottest month ever, meaning 2016 is on course to be the hottest year on record.
From typhoon Meranti to mountain snow, this is a look at the week in weather.
The world's longest lightning bolt stretched for 199.5 miles
Meteorologist Domenica Davis looks at the temperatures for the East Coast where summer temperatures will remain through next week.
A new poll suggests Americans are open to slightly higher bills to curb the hazards of global warming
<p>Sick of summer heat? Better keep the lemonade handy: A warmer-than-average fall is forecast for almost the entire USA, federal forecasters announced Thursday.</p>
<p>A small moon and other amazing photos from space this week.</p>
<p>High waves, violent winds, and extreme droughts can wreak terrible destruction—but they can also uncover amazing treasures. Severe weather has exposed Mayan hieroglyphics, medieval skeletons, ancient footprints, and much more. Here are 15 remarkable things revealed by weather.</p>
NASA begins studying Australia's Great Barrier Reef to learn more about coral health.
Sep 15, 2016; 9:24 AM ET Tropical Depression 12 may strengthen into a tropical storm before reaching the Caribbean islands.
Our nights may be getting cooler as we transition into fall, but as nights get longer and night skies become clearer, the coming season can be one of the best for skywatching.&nbsp;
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